Before Hiring A Web Designer


One of the first things you’re going to need to do when you hire a organization or individual to build a Web site for you is get them a digital copy of your logo or branding.

1. Digital copy of logo

Sometimes a skilled designer can work with existing images from your Web site but having something for the designer is a must. In a worst case scenario situation you can have the logo recreated by us which will solve the issue for good but no one wants to pay for something to be designed twice.

When getting a logo designed make sure to get a vector based version of the logo which will also aide in the creation of print based advertising as well. Make sure you receive the end results in high resolution vector based files to help in future projects.

2. Access To Your Domain Name

domain-topMany times our customers have registered a domain name( with another company such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions or another domain registrar. Before your Web site can be launched access to to the domain name is a obvious requirement. Usually the login information is simply your e-mail address or a user id and a password. This can be easily recovered from your registrar by calling or submitting a ticket to their support people. Not sure where your domain is registered? You can preform a WHOIS lookup to see who your domain is registered to and who is listed as the administrative contact.

3. Marketing Material You’d Like Us To Incorporate

Keeping synergy, even though I hate that word, is important. Your business card should have the same look as your Web site and so forth. If you can provide point2point, preferably in digital format, any type of marketing material you already have, it will help us create the best possible Web site.

4. Content In General

Your point2point consultant will have outlined the pages that we will create initially for you but there are certain aspects of the site we will need provided to us. These are such things as About page information, general history of your business or organization. Also such things as the Services page. As talented as your point2point consultant is, there is no way he will automatically know all of the services or products you offer. We are more then happy to help write and proof this content but the more help you provide in this arena the better your Web site will turn out.

5. E-mail Accounts To Create(Recreate)

Most likely you’ll want point2point to host the Web site and help administrate the e-mail.  You will be able to keep your current e-mail addresses but they will need to be setup. There won’t be any downtime associated with the launch of the Web site, the e-mail simply ends with your current provider and immediately begins. We obviously want to create the e-mail addresses ahead of time. What we’ll need from you is:

    1. First & Last Name Of Your Users
    2. How you would like your e-mail addresses created. For example:
    3. Any forwarding e-mail addresses and where they should forward. Such as a which would forward to your other email addresses.

In Closing

Although every project is unique and different in it’s own ways, we believe that these 5 points are extremely important in providing you with the best quality service.