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point2point offers a boutique approach to Web Design and Digital Marketing. You’re not one of the hundreds of clients, your business matters to us, we give you the customer experience big companies can’t. point2point is dedicated to giving your company the time and focus we know you deserve.


point2point was founded in Memphis, TN originally. Our office was in a boring industrial park. It sucked. After Hurricane Katrina, point2point came to New Orleans after our recovery efforts. The price of real estate made it difficult to even live in the Metro New Orleans area and seemingly impossible for a small business to acquire office space.

That all changed in early April 2013 when we moved into the headquarters of The Sugar Journal after assisting them with a tricky WordPress issue. The Sugar Journal, run by Romney and Charlie Richard, is a monthly publication on the sugar industry founded in 1938.

They graciously allowed point2point to share their office space and the first ever point2point office in New Orleans was established. The beautiful building, completely renovated after Hurricane Katrina, was a perfect fit for us. Above The Ruby Slipper restaurant, 50 yards from Mandina”s restaurant on Canal street, we finally had a proper place to do business.

We now reside in Romney and Charlie’s good graces until we are evicted and go back to doing our needs analysis meetings under I-10 and Canal.

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What happens when you build a datacenter without any redundancy in the middle of a area frequented by hurricanes?
This book.

This informative guide details the post Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts by Web designer Michael Fredrick and his company point2point. This book is intended to serve as lesson in infrastructure reliability but is also a fond time of my life when I woke up with a purpose.