Why transfer your domain name to point2point?

Recently one of my Web and e-mail hosting customers had significant downtime because their domain name(YourName.com) was registered to a 3rd party and he was not aware that the renewal reminders and invoices he received were in fact valid.

In a proactive effort to avoid any possible downtime, I’d like to remind all of my current and potential hosting customers to verify that they are aware of who is currently providing the renewal service for their domain. I also HIGHLY recommend that you transfer the renewal services to point2point to avoid any future confusion on whom to contact for support regarding the domain name.

The domain transfer is completely automated and takes between 2-7 days to complete. There is no interruption of service for either e-mail or Web hosting during the transfer. You will need the login credentials for your existing registrar to retrieve the authorization code and also to unlock the domain before the transfer can begin.

We are able to walk most people through the process over the phone in under 10 minutes, and you can also find detailed instructions at point2pointdomains.com/how-to-transfer-your-domain/. Please feel free to call at anytime for assistance in the transfer.

My goal is to have a unbroken circle of support for each customer with nothing outside of my support range. Thanks for helping me eliminate any possible downtime.

Transfer Your Domain Today

To begin the process of transferring your domain, please review our instructions at point2pointdomains.com/how-to-transfer-your-domain/

We recommend to our customers that they transfer their domain renewal services to point2point so that all of the Web services are consolidated to avoid confusion and potential downtime. The process is completely automated.

    1. Unlock domain name with existing registrar

Domains are locked for security purposes and must be unlocked at your existing registrar(GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Fatcow). This is usually done through the registrar’s Web site who can provide you support on accessing your account and unlocking the domain.

    1. Request or obtain your EPP authorization code

All domain names have an EPP authorization code which is either retrievable from the existing registrar’s dashboard or there will be a link to request it sent to you via e-mail. Please note this will be sent to whatever e-mail is on file for that account.

    1. Initiate the transfer

Now that your domain is unlocked and you have the EPP code, you can initiate the transfer of the domain. This is done at: http://transfer.point2pointclients.com/

      • Enter in your domain name and click Lookup
      • Check the box next to your available choices and click Order now
      • Enter in your EPP code
      • Make any nameserver changes(leave this as is unless told to change)
      • Update cart and Checkout


    1. Domain Transfer Request E-mail

You will next receive an e-mail from point2point <info@transfer-approval.com> with the Subject: Domain Transfer Request for %YourDomainName%
In the body of the e-mail please click the link below:
You must agree to enter into a new Registration Agreement with us. You can review the full terms and conditions of the Agreement at

    1. Domain Transfer

The transfer will now begin. The existing registrar must release the domain name before the new registrar can take control It can take up to 7 days for a domain name transfer to complete.
You may check the status of the transfer at http://point2pointClients.com at any time. Please feel free to open a support ticket by e-mailing help@point2pointsupport.com to inquire on the status of the transfer.