Updating your WHOIS data is free, easy and is completely automated. For legality purposes the client must initiate the transfer via our online dashboard and cannot be done by a point2point team member.

Step 1:

Login to your dashboard at https://point2pointClients.com

If you do not know your password, click this link enter in your e-mail




Step 2:

Click the My Domains link



Step 3:

Click the edit icon to the right of your domain name:


Step 4:

Scroll to the management tools and click the Contact Information button


Step 5:

Click the radio button next to Use Existing Account Contact then make sure the Choose Contact is set to Primary Profile

If you need to Customize the information, fill in the text boxes while making sure the Specify custom information bellow radio button is checked. If the button isn’t checked then the text boxes with be disabled.

Makes sure to click the radio buttons / fill in information PER SECTION. There are three sections total: Registrant, Admin, and Tech.



Step 6:

Scroll down and then click save changes.


And you’re done!