Michael Fredrick is the owner and senior developer at point2point Central

Proud member of:

Crescent City Trade


Michael W. Fredrick

Owner/Senior Web Designer – New Orleans Office


Michael Fredrick, owner and operator of point2point, manages the talent he has met over the last. Together they build Web sites on the WordPress platform, host them and keep them maintained as well as pushing them to page 1 of Google because the best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google because no one goes there.


1999 Call Center & First Web Design Job
Michael grew up around technology, and when not in class he entertained himself by opening up and rebuilding computers. While working for a call center in tech support, he recognized his knack and passion for Web design and Flash animation. In his down time, he began to design websites. His talent was quickly tapped and he was soon employed and designing for large worldwide brands.

2001 Los Angeles & Dot Com Bubble
Always one to seize an opportunity, Michael accepted an offer as a web developer for a Las Angeles tech company. Blending creativity and technical work, Michael quickly acclimated to and thrived working with a small start up. Focusing on outcomes and not the clock, Michael thrived and was inspired to bring his own vision to life.

2004 Memphis & point2point Advanced Launch
Missing the South, Michael returned home to Memphis. Entrepreneurship is in Michael’s blood, his Father started at the time a small web development company in his home office and point2point was officially founded. Michael joined point2point and it brought it to new service levels. Michael had no idea that this growth was to be a critical step preparing his company for a storm that would go down in history.

2005 Katrina Recovery & Department of Defense
Michael had fallen in love with and lived in New Orleans before moving to L.A. In the wake of Katrina, with a deep calling to be a part of the recovery, he settled point2point in devastated Mid-City above the at the time original Ruby Slipper Restaurant. He woke up with a purpose he had never experienced before and personally recovered 300 down websites and emails. His talents to again be immediately recognized, Michael was contracted by the Department of Defense.

2015 Community Leadership
With point2point in it’s 15th year, Michael became an active member of the local Chamber Of Commerce’s, business groups, and the a active presence of 12th oldest Rotary club Rotary Club of Downtown New Orleans. He proudly services as the social media chair, the club registrar and webmaster of the club’s web site. Michael also rose to Master Mason 3rd degree of the Free Masons. Michael loves New Orleans and is a has been a member of of several Carnival Krewes including Okeanos, Orpheus, and Krewe of Cork.

2020 till …
Michael leads the most talented team of professionals in web design. point2point responded to and pivoted amidst the COVID pandemic,  shifting the business model with uninterrupted support and new growth for clients. This included bring bring in a local operations manager, Gerald who helps our clients get the best product for the best price.

Known for capturing a vision, point2point is referred to among the team as a “happiness machine”. The point2point experience embodies the essence of a business ownership, exploring what is yet to be discovered and elevating his clients’ above their competition.