Client Spotlight- Dr. Oliver Sartor – prostate cancer research


Point2Point had the privilege and honor of creating and developing a website that promotes prostate cancer research. When interviewed about the new website that Point2point created, Dr. Sartor had nothing but glowing words to say. “Michael Fredrick and his team were professional and great to work with. The website is beautiful and it facilitates interaction. Our new website is very informational and helps you to dig further. I like that it is easy to see and maneuver”, he replied.

Now, we’d like you to know a little more about the purpose of the website.  The research is based on the tireless work of Dr. Oliver Sartor, through Tulane University. Speaking with Dr. Sartor, you can easily see that he is a genuine man who has a heart for human suffering. “Since I was over seeing all of this prostate cancer research, people were coming up to me all of the time asking how they could help out”, Dr. Sartor added. Thus, “Prostate Run” was born. Participants can run or walk at the fundraising events. The public can also simply donate money to help further this cancer research. They also have a program geared toward sponsoring these events.

We at Point2Point are in awe of the tireless work of Dr. Sartor and his support team that has gone into improving the lives of individuals and families suffering through the nightmare of prostate cancer. To learn more about how you may be instrumental in furthering this cause, please visit the website that Point2Point designed for this worthy cause: