Feature Of The Week – FullBlast Brunch

This week’s highlight goes to Fullblast Brunch!
“Fullblast Brunch got its name from Chef/Owner Christopher’s past fishing trips. While running the boat as a kid, Chris would ask his Dad if they could go “fullblast” (or full throttle) for a minute. His Dad would give him the go ahead. Chris still likes to run it up to “fullblast” on occasion.
Chef /Owner Chris Belou will be at the helm as an experienced chef previously traveling around the world experiencing every duty it takes to open and run exceptional eateries.
Belou developed a passion for cooking spending many of his younger days fishing and hunting around the bayous of Southeast Louisiana. As a result, he chose a career path, which led him to study the Culinary Arts and work with acclaimed chefs in upscale venues.”
You can check their menu on their website: https://www.fullblastbrunch.com/
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