Feature of the Week – KFK Group

This week we want to feature KFK Group
“A pioneering and award-winning real estate development firm with an urban focus and extensive historic rehabilitation expertise, KFK Group has been developing impactful residential and commercial projects since 1996. Headquartered in New Orleans, KFK Group possesses a strong track record of creativity and success, including a diverse portfolio of completed, operating, and ongoing projects.
KFK’s knowledge base and entrepreneurial flexibility allow it to successfully develop multiple product types including apartments, condominiums, hotels, retail, restaurants, office and more. KFK analyzes and responds to specific market needs as they appear, often seeing opportunities where others see problems. By leveraging available financing, Federal and State Tax Credit programs, and other sources of funding, KFK’s projects help make a meaningful impact by transforming and revitalizing underutilized or overlooked properties while delivering attractive returns to KFK.”
Contact KFK Group through their website: www.kfkgroup.com
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