Feature of the Week – Serafino’s Italian Resturant

This week we want to feature Serafino’s Italian Restaurant


Are you planning to eat out this weekend? Did such previous plans not materialize because you didn’t find the right fine dining restaurant in Atlanta? We don’t blame you!

There are plenty of people like you. They would rather eat at home than go to a restaurant that doesn’t serve good food or doesn’t have the right ambience. Well, we understand your liking and disliking and would like to suggest you visit Serafino’s Italian Restaurant once.

An Italian restaurant just south of the Atlanta Airport, Serafino’s is all things Italian. There is a different menu for lunch and dinner, and there are chef specials as well, to add to the variety. If you like fine dining, you will love visiting Serafino’s with your friends and family.

If the setting is important to you, Serafino’s is the closest you can get to an Italian ambience in Atlanta. Also, there are a variety of fine wines as well. You can either order wines separately before or after the meal or even pair a wine with the meal you have ordered. If you are not able to decide on your wine selection, our wait staff can help you strike the perfect match between your meal and the right wine.

So, don’t postpone your plans for eating out in a fine dining restaurant, visit Serafino’s Italian Restaurant and enjoy Italian cuisine and some amazing wines in a warm, friendly setting.”

Check out Serafino’s Italian Restaurant through their website: www.serafinositalianrestaurant.com