Featured Client of The Week – Greg Arceneaux Cabinet Makers

Greg Arceneaux Cabinet Makers

This week’s highlight is Greg Arceneaux Cabinet Makers Inc!

“Greg Arceneaux, has dedicated his life’s work to the preservation of our unique, colorful heritage.

We use time-honored and tested designs with indigenous woods and the least amount of chemicals possible because we believe just as strongly in the preservation of our natural world as we believe in the renewal and preservation of our culture in Louisiana.

Our furniture has been shipped all over this country as well as abroad, has it’s own room in the state museum, the Cabildo, and was used in the reenactment of the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Louisiana Purchase in 2003 among numerous other cultural projects and awards.

We also received an award of excellence from Katrina Bounce Back from the Saint Tammany Parish Chamber of Commerce for having demonstrated the resiliency, tenacity and adaptability that has enabled this region to begin it revitalization. We received this award for having temporarily altered our business to repair many irreplaceable pieces of antique Louisiana furniture damaged by the floods of Katrina.

          The floods throughout history on the Mississippi Delta are the reason original Louisiana furniture is so rare and sought after. Being one of the few people in the world with the knowledge for this type of restoration work, Greg felt a call of duty to his community and ancestry to do everything in his power to help preserve the foundations in which this colorful, old-world city and way of life in this area that it has prided itself on since it’s beginnings. It is that pride that has kept this culture alive, unique and pure throughout the melting pot history that has formed the United States.

          When you purchase a piece of Greg Arceneaux furniture, you are not only getting a family heirloom that will last through generations in your family, you are purchasing a part of cultural history unique to our country of so much mixed diversity.”

Contact them through gregarceneaux.com to find out more.

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