FullBlast Brunch – Our Client-of-the-Week

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September 12, 2017
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February 20, 2019

point2point Central wants you to know all about our amazing clients. So, we’re starting a new blog trend. We’ll be featuring a Client-of-the-Week every week starting with one of our favorite places in New Orleans to get brunch: Fullblast Brunch!

Their festive NOLA brunch menu features delicious food with CreoleCajun and Latin influences.

Chef and owner Chris Belou has traveled around the world experiencing every duty it takes to open and run exceptional eateries. He developed a passion for cooking when he was young, fishing and hunting around the bayous of Southeast Louisiana. His passion for food led him to study Culinary Arts and work with acclaimed chefs in upscale venues.

Now you can eat Chef Chris Belou’s food at Fullblast!

Check out their menu on their site www.fullblastbrunch.com!

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