When I’m talking about worshiped I often talk about God blogging techniques.

For example, as anytime in business, you get more email them you like. Someone in the tech fieldlike myself gets up to a bonafide emails a day. This is not counting notifications,50 messages or tickets that need to be reviewed?n done, or delegated.

The more systems you can put into placeto make that easier to deal with the more time tl you can you reclaim for life and production.

The first thing to consider is that you will have to respond to this email andour ticket. Sure, maybe this needs to be delegated but for now you need to deal with it.

Let’s say it is a question from a existing or potential customer. Asking a question that you need to answer, after all they are asking you. 

Instead of answering the same question you have been asked beforeb in email, logging to WordPress dashboard andadd a new post. Answer the customers question and reply that is IA a very good question and you wanted to write a blog post to really give you a quality answer.  Paste the link in the email and click send.

Back to the inbox, next email. Same question, are you serious? No problem, still have link to blog post on my clip speed, pate, quick response and send.

After a few months of this you have now transformed your website to a knowledge base that customers can search thru by keyword, categories and tags. Think how easy it works be to search for answers you have proceeded in the past and quickly give answers.

The main reason you should be doing this, despite the time saving is that search engines currently want good content. Providing themb rising content semi automatically, you will climb in search engine rankings automatically.

The way I always look at it is that the email or question or ticket is going to require a certain amount of time,  take the time back.