Google Apps Enterprise Support

So I did a pretty complicated migration which is still in progress from a traditional POP e-mail service to Google Apps Enterprise. Now I was super bummed when Google Apps left beta and started charging. I had been setting up Google Apps since back in the day and love it more then life itself. I was always able to handle the migrations fairly smoothly, setting up the accounts, setting up the phones and email clients and never really needed any assistance.

Yesterday I ran into a issue migrating one user and had to investigate it further. I thought, lets bounce my issue off the Google support team because I was kinda curious at how helpful they would be in a migration. We spoke for a while and I figured i was SOL, hung up and was going to go back to the drawing board(googling the problem and reading other people’s solutions).

About 15 minutes later I get a phone call back from Google Support saying “oh hey, we spoke about 15 minutes ago and I think I might have found a solution for you.” Whether it works will have be left up to tomorrow when I can walk the user through the steps but I was blown away that they actually made a outbound phone call saying “Hey, could you try this?”

Try getting that level of support from GoDaddy or Network Solutions on a e-mail issue. Wow. My esteem for Google Apps rose significantly.