Lots of work to do
January 21, 2010
Strike while the iron is hot
August 16, 2010

I’ve been wanting to implement this for a very very very long time. My team is adjusting very well to it and i’m going to be rolling out this to customers in the very near future.

The best way i can describe google wave is it’s e-mail if e-mail was designed in 2010. Here is a video they have on it that explains it better then i ever could.

For more information check out the google wave page

Here is the best way i’ve been able to describe it. Imagine a google doc, like a web based version of word, that has all kinds of widgets like to do lists, html, video, pretty much anything you can think of.

Now you “share” that wave to other people where they can reply…in real time. As they type the text the shows up on the wave. And it works really well on the iphone. You can then obviously search through your waves, put them in folders, archive, etc.

It’s like gmail, google chat, google docs and the google to do list all crammed into one window.

Today was the first day of wave point2point and i’m really feeling it. The team is adapting very well and having literally everything in one place is pretty great.

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