How to transfer a domain name from point2point

If you wish to change where your domain is registered there are several steps involved to complete the process. It’s very important to understand that the transfer is initiated by the new registrar and point2point cannot provide any assistance with your new registrar’s dashboard or control panel.

For example, if you are transferring your domain from point2point to Godaddy, you will need to login to your Godaddy account and initiate the transfer from the Godaddy dashboard. This is not a point2point policy or a point2point system configuration, it is how domain registration and registrar transfers work. Please consult your IT manager for any additional clarity.

Step 1:  Login to the point2point control panel at

Step 2:  Click on My Domains

Step 3:  Click View Details to the right of the domain name you wish to transfer

Step 4: Uncheck the box under Registrar Lock which will unlock the domain and allow the domain to be transferred

Step 5: Click Get EPP Code which will then e-mail the EPP authorization code to the e-mail address you have on file. Important: point2point personnel cannot view the EPP code for security reasons. It can only be e-mailed to you through the system. Be sure that the domain name’s e-mail address is up to date by doing a WHOIS lookup.

Because of the hundreds of different registrars currently operating, point2point cannot offer any support behind this step.

The domain is now ready to be transferred. You then can login to your new registrar and begin the transfer process. They will ask you for the EPP/authorization code and then will send a e-mail to the address listed in the WHOIS for a final verification step.