Kenny Nguyen and Big Fish Presentations

Big fishLast week at Rotary I had the pleasure of hearing Kenny Nguyen from Big Fish Presentations give a talk on body language and presenting. I’ve been a member of the downtown Rotary club for 6 years and have seen countless speeches and presentations from politicians and alpha level business men and women but can honestly say I have never enjoyed and learned more from a presentation then from Kenny’s.

During his talk Kenny asked for a volunteer from the crowd. No one raises their hand. He says, “I have a free gift for anyone who volunteers.”

I shoot my hand up as fast as possible, getting a few laughs from the people at my table.

He calls me up in front of the room and had me demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of body language. Smiling, keeping a open posture, all things you need to be doing while in a presentation.

After his talk I approached him to tell him how much I enjoyed his talk and he immediately said “Oh I have your gift!”. He had his iPad in his hand and very excitingly I exclaim “Oh sweet! I’ve always wanted a iPad”.

The look on his face was priceless. He didn’t give me his iPad. Consolation prize was a dope jump drive tho. Came in a cool wooden box.