That Leather Tablet Bag I Always Have On Me

11 x 9 inch Vintage genuine vintage leather ipad/tablet/tab/kindle satchel crossbody shoulder messenger bag

So this is the first post of many “thing” reviews that I am going to start writing. This leather bag is part of the reason I decided to start blogging about the things I carry, use and love. I get compliments on this bag almost on a daily basis and decided to write about “things” in the order of admiration.

That gets me to this leather bag. To give you a little background, I carry this bag as my everyday carry and try to stock it with all the things I need on a daily basis while selling/reviewing web sites with potential clients and clients. It’s not a huge bag so I have to be very selective about what goes in. I’m going to work on this post more with a more in depth photos and reviews of the things in the box.


My old vinyl every day carry bag was looking busted as hell so I decided to buy a bag that would get better with age and abuse. I spent HOURS looking at tablet bags, reading reviews and pondering before I picked this one. It showed up and had this most wonderful saddle smell that my girlfriend who rides horses made her immediately hug it.

The leather smell goes away after a day or two and as you start to put devices and things it starts to take shape and become “your bag”.

I’ve been using this now as my every day carry back for months now and think I have a pretty good idea of what I like and dislike. I REALLY like this bag.  I’m often carrying it in my dreams and wake up like “shit did i just dream about a leather bag?”. I get complimented VERY often.

Funny story about this bag. I accidentally ordered two, long story. I’m really good at ordering things on Amazon and really bad at returning them…and accidentally threw the box away after I opened it and realized I ordered two.

Anyway, I’m leaving my condo to go to a meeting and one of my neighbors fell in love with it and asked me how much it cost. I told him the price and he was like “wow I need to order one” which I responded “no you don’t, hold on”. It got me thinking that I wish I could order these in bulk and start slinging them in real life as a side job.

The quality of the sewing is great

-I’m always worried about that with things, time will tell but it looks good

The size

-I really like how big this thing really is. I fit two Asus Chromebooks, a karma wifi hotspot, a altoids tin that contains bandaids, nailclipper, etc and a wallet which I put received checks and also carry business cards of referral partners, etc.


-So this thing does space management pretty well. It has one pocket for a tablet/chromebook. I put one chromebook in there and the other outside of it. On the back…wall? of the bag it has a zippered pocket which is great for putting paper in that you don’t want to possibly fall out. Then it has the normal cavern part which holds quite a bit and then has a inside pocket that I put all the lose stuff. Then the little outside pocket that is good for pens and other “quick grab it” things like jump drives.

The looks

-There is just something about the way this bag looks that people love. I normally hate vintage things that are not vintage. New tshirts that are faded, new jeans that have holes. It bothers me.

But something about the way this bag looks old but is still brand new is awesome. I could tell people it was carried by my great great grandfather on Normandy when he ran ashore with his chromebooks and then handed it down to my dad who was a lawyer who fought for civil rights and now it’s mine and people would believe it.


Needs a shoulder pad

-Okay, it’s hard for me to talk bad about my beloved bag but it needs a shoulder strap. It just does. There are literally dozens of them you can order and attach to your bag so it’s not a huge deal, just wish they would have included one.

Worried about part of the leather on just a spot

-This probably varies from bag to bag but I’ve got a piece of leather that I’m worried is going to fail one day.  I need to research and see what their repair/replace is on this because it was nice on the other one but I took this one on accident.


I can’t give it 5 stars, I want to but I just can’t. But honestly I love this bag more then any bag I’ve carried in my career so it’s a 4.5 stars. Buy one and fall in love. I’m looking at it across from the room and it makes me so happy just looking at it knowing it’ll be with me on my adventures tomorrow.