Online Support – Chat/Voice

Omni-Channel Live Chat Solutions to Maximize Digital ROI

A 24/7 website-based live chat service that is designed to capture and convert more qualified leads for your business.

  • 59% of leads are captured outside of normal business hours.

  • On average, the likelihood of conversion drops nearly 8% for every additional 30 seconds of response times.

  • 21% of live chat sessions are completely unanswered by businesses.


Live Chat Agents

Over 200+ industry-trained agents available in Spanish and English to chat with your website visitors 24/7.

Virtual Assistant


The Virtual Assistant provides 24/7 lead conversion with a consistent monthly cost and is a fast and easy way for website visitors to connect with businesses.

VOICE Support


A one stop shop service with the best first impression. 24/7 call services with the rigorously trained agents.

Live Self Service/Chat Operator Rollover


Chat agents are available 24/7, but you also have the ability to take your own chats! If you’re not available, inbound chats will rollover to an agent standing by.

Retainer Signing

How it works

We make things better for you…

  • Increase conversion of traffic into paying customers.
  • Save Time & Money
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

Omni-Channel Live Chat will capture more qualified leads for your business

Our features makes the difference

As we are experts in converting website visitors into valuable leads for your business.


Call Connect

Connect visitors directly to your office

Call Connect allows you to connect visitors directly to your office by phone from within the chat, at no extra charge. This feature increases your chat-to-lead conversion rate by eliminating email and phone tags.

Exit Pop-Up

Get one last chance to convert

Reduce site abandonment and get another chance to collect lead information by engaging visitors as they attempt to leave the website. Add Exit Pop-Up & get 30%+ more desktop leads.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Increase conversion rate on Facebook Ad Campaigns

The Facebook Messenger integration can help you net better ROI on Facebook ad campaigns.
One business with the Messenger integration saw substantial improvements in their ability to convert leads.
Leads generated through the “Message Us” CTA converted into signed deals 4x more frequently than leads generated through lead ad forms.


Google Business Profile Integration

Turn Google Business Profile traffic into qualified leads

With the Google My Business feature, visitors can chat with your business via the Google Maps app.
Agents can chat with these visitors on your behalf, collecting valuable lead info in the process.

SMS Text-to-Chat

Take chats via SMS

Did you know that SMS chats are 49% more likely to convert into leads than regular chats?
Text-to-Chat allows visitors to text your business from your mobile or desktop websites.
Prospects can begin SMS conversations with agents directly from the businesses’ website.

Appointment Scheduler

Customized Scripts, Personalized Outreach, 24/7 Availability, Don’t Waste Time Chasing Leads, CRM/CMS Integration and Reduce Comparison Shopping

Onroll Mobile App

The Online Support – Voice/Chat offers a web service API (application programming interface) that provides developers with programmatic access to data and settings in our platform.

This allows us to integrate with your client dashboards, CRMs, and more!


Our API allows for CRM and dashboard integrations.

We have numerous partners who have integrated our service with their proprietary CRM’s or dashboards.

Don’t see your system here?
Let us know and we’ll work with you!


Live chat works so well, sometimes it can produce too many leads! With that in mind, you can budget leads each month so you’re only billed for what you can afford.


We are experts in converting website visitors into valuable leads for your business. Our agents use a custom script we create specifically for your business. That script can be modified to make sure we are communicating with your customers the way you want us to.

Flexible Pricing Options

Pay For Performance Pricing

When your client receives a lead it’s classified one of three ways:

“Service” (non-billable)

An existing client of yours – they may be trying to reschedule an appointment, etc.


“Sales” (billable)

Someone we’ve chatted with where we’ve obtained their name and contact information (phone number and/or email address), they’re interested in a service/product provided by your business, and they are not a current client.


“Other” (non-billable)

Someone looking for a service your company doesn’t provide, someone trying to sell you something, etc.



Are you ready to partner with us?

Pay per lead model

Pay a pre-established price for each sales lead we generate.

Monthly flat rate model

Flat rate subscription pricing model that charges users a flat fee per month or year for all features and all levels of access.

Tiered Pricing Options

Tiered pricing created to reward the partner with a lower per-lead rate, as your lead volume increases.