point2point on Monday the 18th

I decided today that I’m going to write a brief update on my day because these moments of win should not just fall to a Facebook update. If I miss a day that’s because it was a boring day and there wasn’t anything worthy of writing, so there.

I met with Aaron and Leslie at our new office and discussed finally providing IT services to my customers and general post mardi gras discussion.

After eating I set out by myself to Uptown to see one of my favorite customers, Sarah Ashley Longshore. I have customers who have talent in their field, it’s just kinda how it works. You get good enough to do what you do and then you get a awesome web site to show it. Anyway, as a painter, I like to stop by in person and watch her do her magic just because after picking up a brush it really hit me that it is both something you work extremely hard at but also have a innate talent for. I never felt that technology was in my blood, growing up in a family that embraced technology obviously didn’t hurt.


I set my tablet down on one of her tables and got glitter on it. I wipe it off laughing thinking “glitter on me is bad for both work and personal relationships” and headed to Uptown Auto. Paul is another example of watching someone work that knows what they are talking about. Being someone who is completely “software”, my respect for people who fix actual things is beyond description.  I’ve brought him strange BMW issues in the past, go to guy for all auto repair in neworleans. Him and Autumn who works there instantly notice the glitter after I mention it since I figure it’s best to run at this full force. I tell them about Ashley and they pretend to believe me.

I walk Autumn through some WordPress and head back to Midcity. I pity other consultants in boring cities with boring customers.