Technology: The decline of point and shoot cameras and why it matters

I’ve noticed lately that you almost never see “point and shoot” cameras anymore. Why does this matter to me- you may ask. For a few reasons: technology progresses at warp speed these days, and we have to keep up, or be left behind. Second, if you still happen to own a point and shoot camera, and it needs repairs….well, let’s just say that finding parts may eventually become more of a challenge. And, last but not least- with the incredible advancement of the Iphone- nearly everyone has become proficient with website and social media content. The Iphone, and with each progressive generation of it, is remarkably professional. All that you need is a 1080 pixels.
Back to my first sentence. I decided to check out my suspicions by visiting a local electronics dept. When I asked the clerk where all of the point and shoot cameras were, she looked at me as if I’d just pointed a gun at her. “We almost never sell those anymore. The Iphone’s have killed the need for them”, was her response.
Now, in conclusion: whether or not you are a better photographer, just because you carry an Iphone doesn’t always matter. You still need experts to hire when you have a need for website building/updating, or social media marketing.
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