The Greater Mid-City Business Association

I ate lunch with the Greater Mid-city Business Association. From their web site:

“The Greater Mid-City Business Association was formed to support, promote, and develop business and business interests in the greater Mid-City area.”

There were a lot of friendly faces that I had met previously, definitely going to be a member. It’s cool that there is a association like this that is looking out for businesses such as mine.

I also got to meet Stephen Patterson from Finn McCool’s who’s establishment I hold very dear to my heart. Stephen is one of those smart business owners that paid someone to build their Web presence and it shows. To be honest I was a little bummed the first time I looked at Finn Mcool’s web site because I’d love to design a site for them but someone else has obviously helped them out.

Anyway, will definitely be joining the GMBA in the near future.