I’m sure this is not a unique feeling…a cave man that looked and dressed similar to me probably had to decide the best way to figure out which walls of which caves to carve his blog into, thus as his descendent, so as I. Also run on sentence but his probably were too.

After hours of deliberation between myself and my dart board I have decided that hosting, design, domains, marketing and general support all require each individual blogs, categories and sub categories. It’s a judgement call and I have made it.

point2point central will be for normal and everyday blog posts, point2point design will be directly related to design and WordPress, hosting will be related to Google Apps and other day to day greatness. point2point domains and point2point hosting will be directed towards those 2 specific areas, as well as point2point marketing.

Site launches on this level are always a work of progress, especially when the owner is writing 100% of the content, on purpose.

Anyway, while you are bbqing, swimming and other activities we’ll be wrapping up the launch of the point2point sites. Labor of love, only half of us are bitter.