When you are the shepherd to a WordPress flock such as mine, it really hits you when WordPress upgrades and you upgrade with them. I am a serious WordPress hipster, i used it back when no one had heard of it. But I’m not bitter that everyone knows it now, it’s just a fact of life.


The last few upgrades have been huge usability upgrades that are subtle but just stream line the whole system as a whole.

This latest upgrade is incredible just for one aspect, the add media system.

Uploading images and inserting them has never been easier. My favorite is that it no longer automatically links to the image, it just inserts it. If you want the image to link to something, you can do it. This has always been a huge annoyance to me walking people through WP and I’m glad they fixed it.

I hate to say it but I like that they are now mimicking the facebook “pick a image” or whatever it’s called system. I honestly love that they are now just saying “okay folks are used to this, lets do it like this”.

Link manager is gone

This is only on new installs but it’s nice not to have to explain what the links/link manager area is and why we don’t use it on their site. Another example of it getting so much more stream lined.

More changes

There are a ton of other subtle but great changes in this latest version, glad to see it’s evolving.