What is deal with the camo pants and hawaiian shirt?

When you first meet your Web designer, one of the first things you will probably notice is his camouflage pants and boots. Or the earrings, people always notice the earrings. Your first impression is that camouflage pants are not exactly the most professional attire for discussing serious business such as your Internet presence.

However, this is a symbol of exactly how serious your web designer truly is.

We’re not doing this for fun, this is war and we are dressed accordingly. As important as the camouflage pants are, the Hawaiian shirt is also a staple of Web designers. It is very rare to actually catch your Web designer with both the camouflage pants and the Hawaiian shirt due to the power it creates around him.

It is usually reserved to their natural environments, home offices and other design and development situations. Something about the bright blues, greens and reds inspire both creativity and patience required to make and maintain the Internet. Because a majority of Web meetings occur in coffee shops and bars, it’s very important for the Web designer to stand out among the crowd with a shirt bearing his company name.

This shirt is always collared because, after all, the golf shirt is a standard in business casual attire. The golf shirt combined with the camouflage pants creates a perfect balance of both business and casual, thus allowing us to think outside of the box. In his natural environment, a phone headset is adorned around the neck. This allows the Web designer to talk freely to customers while making changes to live code, sending e-mails and researching the answer to a issue.

While talking to your Web designer you may hear sounds such as a microwave, the sound of a washing machine or dryer starting or what sounds like a can of beer being opened. This does not mean the Web designer is not paying attention to what you’re talking about. This is because of the rampant untreated ADD which actually aids heavily in building and maintaining a Web site.

All of these garments and technology create a perfect storm of blending in with the environment, standing out and communicating easily. We know better then to mess with what works. So next time Michael or another Web developer storms into your office dressed like he’s about to commit some war crimes, you will now understand the significance behind it all.