Who’s Part of the P2P Family? – Let’s Start with Our Fearless Leader: Michael Fredrick

Michael Fredrick is the owner and senior developer at point2point Central

Michael William Fredrick is the heart and soul of point2point Central. He’s the owner and the senior designer, and he’s been building websites for over 20 years. We can officially say that Michael is a WordPress genius.

Michael got his start in New Orleans by doing digital recovery for businesses in NOLA after Hurricane Katrina, and he even wrote a book about it! Stay tuned to the blogs on our site, and you’ll get to read some of it.

He’s a Cancer and loves long walks in the park. He also loves drinking Abita Amber and other fine spirits. And he really loves building and designing sleek looking, fast loading, high quality websites.

Michael’s primary tasks include day-to-day operations of point2point and networking with the miraculously colorful people and businesses of our city: New Orleans.

Michael is a member of the Rotary Club of New Orleans, the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and the French Quarter Business Association.

Stop by our offices to meet Michael and the rest of the team. Give a call first though, because Michael might be out hobnobbing with our clients and finding more websites to build!

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