Why WordPress In New Orleans Matters

I love this city. I moved here months after Katrina to help rebuild the Internet presence of over 300 organizations. I have a home, a office, and a life here. Unless a oil spill combined with a hurricane that results in Drew Brees and Sean Peyton being injured or killed and some other misc disaster, I’m not leaving.

That being said, this is a great city for WordPress. Thousands if not millions of organizations and companies needing a strong Web presence without a million dollar budget is a perfect fit for WordPress. You get a beautiful web site with the ability to update it yourself. It’s indexed properly by Google so you come up when people start to research you and everyone wins. The customer, volunteer, or visitor finds you quickly and easily, the call to actions take effect and there is just success left and right.

Previously a business or organization needed thousands upon thousands of dollars to get online. Those days are no longer. A presence can be setup for next to nothing but yet gain all of the benefits. If it’s done right. Make sure your web designer is submitting the site map to Google, make sure you are claiming your Google Local Place, make sure you have someone who has done this before helping you out.