DoD – Medical Readiness Reporting System

This is going to get a little long winded so i hope you have popcorn or coffee made. For a year and a half Michael Fredrick the owner and still senior web designer of point2point worked for the Department Of Defense, primarily the Navy, initially building Flash web sites and then aesthetically modifying all the internal tools i could get access to. After a background check and finger printing i was now making a computer based training tool to walk marines through how to manage the medical profiles of other marines. The first time i had been in a cubicle since 1999, this thing turned out intense. All while finishing the recovery of Katrina.

It was probably the most rewarding of all of my work when i actually got to shake the hand of a Marine who used my software. I take great enjoyment, in fact the only reason i do this, is hearing a customer happy with their software. Rarely are they wearing camo. Anyway, my entire department was cut.  Since i i go insane without working i had been helping out other projects with which allowed me to hang on for a little bit longer i actually got to create one of my favorite works.

The content has been stripped for security reasons and i wonder if one day I’ll have to remove this but i’m proud of my work.