Your general appearance
Appearance is everything. There is no denying it, especially in the business world. Whether you’ve been in business ten years and know more about your industry then anyone in a 100 mile area or if you are just starting out, it won’t matter if you are not presenting yourself properly. We help with that both online and offline because the two are tied together intimately.

Free e-mail addresses hurt, not help
When potential customers/investors see a,,, or any other free e-mail service it says quite a few things. Nothing is really wrong with any of these e-mail services but what it says stands out and says nothing but negativity.

It says you don’t care enough to setup a legit e-mail address and that this is a hobby or a side project that you haven’t had the time or resources to dedicate to registering a domain name and following through to configure proper e-mail addresses. It’s nothing personal against you, just how it looks to everyone and it’s a easy fix.

The worst is if your business is doing anything that utilizes technology, it instantly nullifies your knowledge since anyone involved in technology would not be using a free e-mail system and most would be weary of anyone who does.

These small details are what people notice when they are researching a company or organization to aid them. In this day in age of tight budgets these small details could be destroying potential on all kinds of levels.

Business cards are your foot in the door
All roads lead to Rome and all, if not most roads start with your business card. It really comes down to the fact that you are wasting time and energy by promoting yourself with sub standard marketing material that hurts rather then helps.

We help companies design and print business cards but at the end of the day we are a web site design, development and hosting company. Your Web property is a very key and crucial part to legitimizing your business but having your e-mail address is the crucial step after registering a domain name( We help on this aspect because you can have the coolest Web site in the world but people will look at you differently if you do not have a legitimate e-mail address for you and your employees. How many times have you received an e-mail from a vendor or potential customer and went to their Web site from the domain name off their e-mail address?

It’s a obvious choice
If your current web site company is helping you with basic things like this then it’s time to rethink your online partner. Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a effective web presence but everyone doing business has enough of a budget to show their customers or potential customers they care enough to not run their business off a free e-mail service.

Don’t have a domain name? We’ll register one on your behalf.

Go to and pick one out.

Not sure what’s the best domain to use? Give us a call and we’ll help, that’s part of what we do.

Already have your domain name? No problem, you can still use it.

Go to and pick out our basic package

We’ll set you up and walk you through everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m scared, I like my (email system here) and I don’t want to change anything?
No problem. We can set it up to where the e-mail forwards to whatever e-mail address you want. The only thing is if you respond to the e-mail it’s going to come from where you respond from. IE: If you respond to e-mail sent to your work e-mail address it’s going to come from your other e-mail address from aol, yahoo, or whatever provider you use.
The work around is to simply login to your work e-mail address and respond from that or configure your e-mail client to allow you to send from

You said you’ll use Google Apps which is for, can I still use Outlook/iPhone/etc?
Yup, totally transparent. All e-mails will come from and be completely transparent.

I don’t trust anyone wearing clothes that don’t match, I don’t want you to be in charge of my e-mail but I trust you enough to build my web site.
I’m not really in charge of it, I’m just helping you set it up with Google. They are going to actually host your e-mail, I simply help you use it.