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November 8, 2010

Styling text in Posts and Pages

Style Text in Pages and Posts To add styles to the text in your pages and posts, use the style bar shown below. Bold Italic Strike […]
November 8, 2010

How to login to WordPress

To login to WordPress dashboard to make any changes to your web site, simply go to: http://www.mywebsite.com/wp-admin/ When the WordPress login page displays, enter your username […]
November 8, 2010

The difference between WordPress pages and posts

Pages Pages are the different sections of your Web site and are typically static in nature. A good example of a page is the information contained […]
November 8, 2010

How to add a post in WordPress

On your WordPress web site there is most likely a blog or news page. This is section is great for minute to minute updates about your […]
November 8, 2010

How to make a link in WordPress

To make a link to another Web site, simply highlight the text that you would like to make a link and click on the link icon […]
August 16, 2010

Strike while the iron is hot

And by iron i mean coffee because i don’t iron anything.
June 23, 2010

Google Wave

I’ve been wanting to implement this for a very very very long time. My team is adjusting very well to it and i’m going to be […]
January 21, 2010

Lots of work to do

Going to need a bigger boat 🙁
January 20, 2010

The new point2point sites launch

Wow, this is the biggest redesign of my life. Content is spare but point2point design is live which is crucial. Good times, good times.