It would be impossible to list all of the people who helped me throughout those years after the storm. I could honestly write a 50 page document listing out all of those who helped but wanted to try to sum it up on one page.

First thanks goes to Bruce for thinking of me. I am terrified to think what my life would have ended up like without that one phone call happening. I went from small time to big time instantly with that one phone call.

Next round of thanks goes to Peter for helping me make those difficult calls, the many meals you cooked for our team and general overall support.

I can’t forget Rachel and Levi who helped me through all of the trials and tribulations that came with working the hours I worked.
Also in the same regards, Mary and Eric would kidnap me once a week to keep me from working myself into a early grave, thank you again.

My parents were absolutely supportive in me moving to a post apocalyptic city because they knew as long as I was doing what I loved, I would be happy. I shudder to think what would have become of me if we hadn’t had a computer in the household when I was young. Thank you.

I’d also lastly like to thank the customers who stayed with me after the initial recovery. Every last individual and organization I saved gave many thoughts on where their domain was registered, where their e-mail and Website were hosted and many of them migrated away after I rescued them. However, many of them stayed because they liked the way I did business and loved my support.

Thank you again.