Around 2008 things had begun to settle down. We had contacted or attempted to contact everyone in every way possible. I started to believe the recovery process had ended. I was moving back towards the development side of life, redesigning some of the sites we had recovered, and generally just building sites that came along. The staff had grown from just Peter to Rachael who was helping us out while her husband was in Iraq to help with Heather who was handling our advanced book keeping back then.

Peter, Rachael, and Levi(Rachael’s husband) had good times after the recovery. Work was done during the week and the weekends before Levi’s trip to Iraq were exclusively for enjoyment. I had gone from a Web design company with a German Shepherd hound mix as the only employee to business in the least sense of the term. The farthest on top of my game I’ve ever been as far as opportunities but not capitalizing on any of them in retrospect.