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  1. To change your administration password, log in at http://www.YourSiteName.com/wp-admin/
  2. From the dashboard, click your username at the top right of the screen. Your Profile page will display.
  3. Scroll down to the New Password area at the bottom of the screen.

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Figure 11: New Password Area – Profile Page

  1. Enter a new password into the New Password field, and then type the password again in the field below it. The Strength Indicator will display how strong or weak your new password is. You can make your password stronger by following the instructions provided to the right of the Strength Indicator.
  2. When you are finished, click the Update Profile (File?id=dfjrvqpt 219v268f6d7 B) button. Your new password will be the password you use the next time you log in to WordPress.