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Style Text in Pages and Posts

To add styles to the text in your pages and posts, use the style bar shown below.

File?id=dfjrvqpt 185gc599rg6 B

File?id=dfjrvqpt 186fbmjnrg4 B Bold

File?id=dfjrvqpt 187f5z87pr4 B Italic

File?id=dfjrvqpt 188d3v3rtgs B Strike Through

File?id=dfjrvqpt 189ggx6dhf7 B Unordered List

File?id=dfjrvqpt 190fs8zwsfc B Ordered List

File?id=dfjrvqpt 191gkzhd6d6 B Black Quote

File?id=dfjrvqpt 192hsp9spgg B Align Left

File?id=dfjrvqpt 193hpfhdphm B Align Center

File?id=dfjrvqpt 194ghx4ctcp B Align Right

File?id=dfjrvqpt 195fnj5x3wz B Link text (Highlight text first to activate button!)

File?id=dfjrvqpt 196fjqmgcds B Unlink text (Highlight text first!)

File?id=dfjrvqpt 197g7c687cw B Insert/Edit Image

File?id=dfjrvqpt 198fns68hdg B Insert More… Tag

File?id=dfjrvqpt 199gg6vk4hk B Toggle Spellchecker

File?id=dfjrvqpt 200f8pv7xkm B Toggle Full screen Mode

File?id=dfjrvqpt 201gqvk6md6 B Show/ Hide Kitchen Sink