The difference between WordPress pages and posts


Pages are the different sections of your Web site and are typically static in nature. A good example of a page is the information contained in About or Contact pages.

A page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects like Posts, nor should a WordPress page be confused with the word “page” referring to any Web page or HTML document on the Web.

Pages are usually filled with Latin text called Lorem Ipsum, which is a gibberish placeholder for your content. When you want to add content to a page, just delete the Lorem Ipsum and replace it with your own text.


Posts are the entries that display in reverse chronological order on your news page (if one is ). In contrast to pages, posts usually have comments fields beneath them and are included in your site’s RSS feed.

Posts are usually populated with one or two test posts that usually referring to the launch of the Web site, event details and other press releases or news articles.