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To edit existing pages, adding or editing text, adding new images, simply do the following:

  1. After you have logged in to the Administration Dashboard in WordPress, click the Pages > Edit link on the left side of the screen:

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Figure 2: Edit/Add New Pages Area

The Edit Pages page will display. All pages contained within your site will be listed.

  1. In the list, find the page you want to manage and then click the Edit link underneath it.File?id=dfjrvqpt 174fhhk6w4h B

    Figure 3: Page List

    The selected page will display in edit mode.

  2. Make any changes or updates needed. See the Add Images to Your Page section of this document for instructions on adding images.
  3. Once you have finished making changes, you can click the Preview (File?id=dfjrvqpt 175c8hswgdq B) button to open the page in a new window for review before publishing.
    Or, you can click the Update Page (File?id=dfjrvqpt 176cggm7bcv B) button to publish your changes without reviewing.